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SF Residents Protest Against Great Highway's Reopening to Car Traffic

Starting Monday in San Francisco, a stretch of the Great Highway will reopen to weekday traffic.

Over the past year and a half, it was closed to cars during the pandemic to allow a place for walking and bicycling.

On Sunday, hundreds gathered to protest at San Francisco’s Great Highway as many people want the area to remain stay car free ahead of the reopening.

“I would like to see this remain a walkway all the time as it has been since April of 2020,” said San Francisco resident Nancy Buffum.

Buffum added that it makes sense to keep it this way.

“Here are so few beautiful accessible spaces like this that people can access this is not a neighborhood park this is a treasure for everyone who needs to walk and ride safely away from cars,” she said.

Buffum told NBC Bay area that she’s seen children learn to ride bikes in the area.

People were enjoying the stretch from Lincoln Way to Sloat, which was closed to cars as part of the city’s pandemic response to allow space for bicycling and walking.

But beginning Monday, weekday traffic will be allowed back.

“This has been a great resource for us mentally phsycally the neighborhood is flourishing now and it wasn’t before so i hate to see that go away,” said Martha Abbene of San Francisco.

It will still be closed to car traffic part of Friday, weekends and holidays.

State Senator Scott Wiener pledged to fight to keep it open 24/7.

“I know we’re going to get there and we’re going to have a 7 day a week permanent great walkway for San Francisco,” he said.

His comments got a round of applause from those attending the rally.

But some said the new plan might have its drawbacks.

“Wait until you see what happens on the other days all the problems that exist now are going to exist because people get tired of waiting in string of traffic so they will cross over and drive the wrong way it’s only a matter of time,” said Stephen Gorski, an organizer with “Open the Great Highway.”

The San Francisco mayor’s office said the timing is in line with students returning to school.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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