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SF Rally Held After Recent Attacks on Asian-Americans

Just a day after a large rally was held in Oakland to show solidarity between the Black and Asian communities after recent attacks on Asians throughout the Bay Area, a second rally was held in San Francisco on Sunday.

In an effort to denounce recent violence, the multicultural group looked at ways to address it and what it will take to heal after the attacks, which have gained national attention.

“It’s been heartbreaking to see the crime on social media,” said one person at the rally. “The video of our elders, of our women, the most vulnerable being treated this way…nobody deserves to be treated this way.”

“For us, we know that something has to change,” said another attendee. “We know that we have to come together to invest in community resources that ensure the safety of not just our Asian-Americans, but for everybody.”

Some said it’s important to acknowledge anti-Asian and anti-Black racism.

“We have to see our wellbeing as being interconnected,” one person said. “I think that’s a big part of the problem when we talk about solutions.”

An 84-year-old man died two weeks ago when he was pushed to the ground by a teen in the city. His daughter believes the attacks are based on race, and that people in different communities should speak about it.

“We don’t want anyone being quiet any longer,” she said. “Everyone needs to speak up and talk about what’s happening.”

Others talked about learning, dialogue, education and ways to keep the community safe.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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