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Series of burglaries hit popular San Jose gaming center

A San Jose business is speaking out after being burglarized for the third time this year and the eighth time since it opened its doors over two years ago.

The owners of the Guildhouse, a popular gaming center in downtown, said they did not want to go public before over concerns it might encourage more crimes, but now acknowledge that strategy is not working.

The business owners are now frustrated and concerned about their future after being hit by burglars three times in the past four months.

Earlier burglaries were on a smaller scale and some arrests were made, but the latest from March 26 captured on security cameras was the most brazen, with thieves cutting through the back entrances and breaking into the office. The thieves were seen wheeling away the company’s safe on a dolly — all while avoiding alarms and sensors.

“I figured they have probably done it before because they had the right tools,” Guildhouse partner David Faria said. “And they made the right cuts in the right places.”

Despite all the burglaries, Guildhouse owners did not talk publicly or post anything online until now, and said they did not want potential thieves to see the business as vulnerable. But other neighboring businesses also have been hit.

“When I talked to some of our other restaurant friends, they’ve said the exact same thing has happened to them,” Guildhouse founder Kevin Wick said.

The San Jose Downtown Business Association said it is working with the city and police to find solutions. On Friday afternoon, the mayor and police chief showed up and vowed to help with more foot and bike patrols, and hopefully additional staffing.

“Making sure that we have the appropriate staffing levels to be able to have faster response times, more police presence, more community policing,” San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan said.

Police plan to follow up any leads that could lead to identifying suspects.

The Guildhouse owners said they hope the city will help, but they are taking steps on their own, including reinforcing entrances and getting overnight security.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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