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Sen. Laphonza Butler stops in San Francisco for an open house

Sen. Laphonza Butler spoke to her Bay Area constituents in a San Francisco open house Saturday afternoon. 

There were around 100 people present in the gymnasium of the Boys and Girls Club that day. The choice of venue wasn’t incidental — Butler has made it clear that reaching out to young people and getting them involved in government is a priority. 

One of Butler’s biggest worries is that disillusioned young people are checking out from government, so she’s doing those open houses to meet them where they are. 

Saturday’s open house is the fourth she’s held across the state so far, but it’s the first one in the Bay Area. 

Teenagers and other young people asked Butler about things like addressing the homeless crisis and affordability around the region.

NBC Bay Area also had the chance to ask her about the upcoming race to replace her in November. Butler, appointed after the death of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, had previously said she doesn’t plan to run in the state Senate race in November. 

“I don’t have any intention of endorsing in the Senate race in California,” Butler said. “I think Californians have three great choices in front of them. And those candidates are working to earn not only the vote, but the trust of the California people. And I look forward to seeing who they put forward. What I hope that I am doing with this office is to empower Californians all over the state, is that — no matter who’s in this seat — that the seat truly belongs to them.”

Butler also met Saturday with students and Boys and Girls club graduates to talk about things like reproductive rights. Many of them said that it was the first chance they’d had to interact with an elected official so up close and personal.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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