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Scuffle involving Oakland mayor supporters, recall activists continues to loom large

A group of people supporting the effort to recall Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao held a rally Wednesday defending their position against the mayor and rejecting claims that one of their own lead organizers injured a community organizer last week.

Even with cameras rolling, it’s not clear who hurt who last Wednesday when recall activists came head to head with Thao supporters, interrupting a press conference the mayor was holding in Latham Square.

A group that supports recalling Thao claims the altercation between recall spokesperson Seneca Scott and community ambassador Omar Washington is a prime example of why the city needs new leadership.

“We stood peacefully in silence,” Edward Escobar said. “But yet her security then approached us and was very hyper-aggressive towards us.”

In a statement sent to NBC Bay Area, Scott, one of the leaders of the recall effort against Thao, said he was struck and violently surrounded, then chased by individuals he believes were acting as the mayor’s security.

“The lack of visible police presence on that day raises important questions about the responsibilities and actions of law enforcement during such events,” the statement read.

Thao’s supporters told a different version of events Thursday, claiming Scott was the aggressor.

“Seneca Scott attacked my client,” attorney Walter Riley said. “My client has filed a police report, and we’re looking for the police to investigate and bring those charges to the DA.”

Oakland police confirmed officers took two police reports from separate incidents last Wednesday at Latham Square. Both victims claimed they were assaulted and threatened.

Hospital outpatient forms sent to NBC Bay Area show Washington went to Highland Hospital following the altercation and was prescribed medication to treat a headache.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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