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San Pablo to Crack Down on Front Yard Parking

The San Pablo community is preparing to deal with a long running issue, which is cars parked on front yards.

Starting next month, residents who continue to do it could pay a steep price.

It’s a familiar problem in San Pablo and for residents like Jose, it can be a source of frustration.

“It’s difficult because people have to go around the sidewalk and that shouldn’t be happening,” he said.

Captain Brian Bubar with the San Pablo Police Department said that starting next month, residents could face fines for violating a city ordinance, prohibiting cars, boats, trailers, or motorcycles from parking on front or side yards or in areas impacting the public’s right of way.

The department posting a straightforward diagram on its Facebook page, explaining where you should park.

But before issuing fines, the department is doing some community outreach this month to explain the problem.

“How does it impact the public safety? Impact the garbage? The blight being created from these decisions. A lot of our community members don’t understand that,” Bubar said.

Residents like Eleanor said they aren’t too bothered by the front-yard parking but do see other issues.

“Only thing is just the double parking, but everybody is really respectful where i live coming in and out of their driveways,” she said.

After this month’s outreach effort, San Pablo police will begin issuing notices to violators in January. If they don’t comply, fines will come next and that’s something the captain hopes to prevent.

“Our hope is when we do this outreach, see the impact of their decisions that there is more voluntary compliance,” Bubar said.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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