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San Mateo County leaders considering adding toll lane on Highway 101

San Mateo County leaders are considering to build a brand-new express lane along a stretch of Highway 101 between San Bruno and San Francisco.

The idea is to try to reduce congestion on this stretch of highway just past the airport. But critics say building a brand-new express lane will create more problems than it will solve.

“We believe widening the highway is a terrible option. It’s bad for the climate it’s bad for low income, neighborhoods, living adjacent to highway and dealing with extra air pollution, and it will negatively impact Caltrain, who will be losing ridership,” San Mateo County Climate Advocate Mike Swire.

Some drivers NBC Bay Area spoke with on Wednesday said they were skeptical that adding an express lane would actually help improve their commute.

“That will cause a lot more traffic, because not everyone is going to wanna pay a toll fee. It wouldn’t be a benefit to me as a commuter,” said San Francisco resident Allison Jones.

The San Mateo County Transportation Authority is also considering another option in a seven-mile stretch, converting an existing lane into an HOV express lane.

Right now, the county is conducting an environmental review of both plans.

There is a financial benefit. The current express lane on highway 101 that runs from the Santa Clara County line to Interstate 380 is projected to bring in $20 million in a year. With the money going to implement the tolls and fund Bay Area transit projects.

San Mateo County transportation leaders are expected to decide on the express lane proposal in November. There is a third option, which is making no changes.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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