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San Jose Police Increase Presence as Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Get Underway

While people celebrate Cinco de Mayo, San Jose police are trying to make sure those celebrations don’t get out of hand.

In downtown San Jose Friday, people were celebrating, and now legal cruising has started.

San Jose repealed its old law against cruising last summer and that coupled with fewer worried about COVID are combining to create festive atmosphere and police want to keep it that way.

Cinco De Mayo brings out a lot of color throughout San Jose. With plenty of popup merchandise stands, music, and decorated cars.

Historically, San Jose draws big crowds for the holiday and with it comes excitement and a little bit of caution.

“Yeah, everything is more open nowadays. I just feel like it’s going to be a better year and hopefully, it’s not crazy out here and we’ll see what happens,” said Jeremy, a pop-up stand owner.

A big change will be cruising is once again legal, which fits in with a lot of people’s plans.

“Cruise around. cruise around and come out with my friends., cruise around, kick back and check out the cars, the girls, you know, all the beautiful rides and beautiful women,” said San Jose resident Val Serrano.

Some store owners NBC Bay Area talked to say cruising will help keep things safe.

They point out, in the past, vandalism and attacks happened when crowds roamed the streets.

“These people that are low riders, they take great pride in their vehicles. So, I don’t anticipate any trouble from them or anybody else,” said “Signs of Success” owner Tim Carrasco.

Police said it has added patrols and resources and will set up traffic and pedestrian diversions, especially downtown and some east San Jose neighborhoods.

The idea is to reduce gridlock and disturbances that can escalate into violence as well as create clear access for emergency vehicles.

But police emphasize some units will focus strictly on illegal ‘sideshows and warn the consequences for participants including observers will be expensive.

“The ticket alone can go up to a thousand dollars. They’re always going to be a 30-day ‘impounding’ of that vehicles that includes up to three to four thousand dollars in storage fees,” said San Jose police spokesman Steve Aponte.

Police said the street diversions will start getting set up at 7 p.m. and will remain more or less in effect until the early morning each night throughout the weekend.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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