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San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan delivers 2023 State of the City address

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan delivered his first State of the City address Saturday, focusing his speech on ways ordinary citizens and community groups can get involved. 

The mayor said he had four big priorities for San Jose: to make it safe, to make it cleaner, to create more affordable housing and to make it an easier place to invest.

Mahan characterized the four priorities as putting San Jose back on track with what he called, “the basics.”

“Basics like ensuring everyone is safe in their home, in their neighborhoods, in their work and in their place of worship,” he said. “This year we have pushed hard to maintain San Jose’s status as the safest city in the Bay Area, and put ourselves on the path to being the safest big city in America once again.”

Mahan also applauded the thousands of volunteers who have already invested time and energy into making San Jose a better place.

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