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San Jose community shows support for street vendor at buyout event

San Jose saw a show of support for a street vendor Saturday after a local group organized a buyout event.

This comes just weeks after video emerged of two security guards confronting that very vendor while he was outside a Home Depot, with one of the pair kicking and knocking over crates of strawberries. 

“We saw what happened to him,” said Christian, who runs the Instagram page NorCal Racing. “We decided to come together as a community to show him support to let him know he’s not alone.”

Ahead of the event, NorCal Racing shared a poster to advertise the event and wrote: “We finally found Jahir who was in fear of going back so this SATURDAY come join us…for a buy out[.]”

The plan was to start at noon and stay there until Jahir had sold out, with some music along the way. Christian said everyone was pleased with how the event went. 

“We’re here to help these guys out, show some love. That’s what the world needs, support. And I’m super excited that we made it happen for him today, Jahir was very happy,” he said.

After the video gained popularity, Home Depot released a statement which said, “We contracted out third party security company and the people in the video no longer work for us.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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