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San Jose city crews and water district prepare for rainstorm

The first significant rainstorm of the season is expected to hit the Bay Area this week.

San Jose and Valley Water officials on Monday showed how they have been preparing for the wet weather and what crews have done to prevent future flooding.

“We will be available around the clock, 24/7 to respond to flooding and other hazards,” San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan said.

City crews have been clearing storms drains of leaves and debris. In addition, the local pumping stations have been inspected.

“We’ve stationed portable backup pumps in flood prone areas and additional pumps are available and can be deployed,” Mahan said.

Along with cleaning out Coyote Creek, Valley Water also started a year-long process of installing a flood wall on a 6,000-foot stretch of the waterway. The goal is to prevent another flood like the city saw six years ago that forced thousands along the creek to evacuate.

“And this is a portion of two projects that’ll protect against another event similar to February 2017,” said Caitlin McAlpine, Coyote Creek Flood Management Project manager.

Valley Water said no significant South Bay flooding is expected from this week’s storm, and reservoir levels are where they need to be. But they all said there are multiple sensors in waterways to monitor and alert the public if anything rises to a dangerous level.

The two agencies are also asking the public to call 311 if street drains start backing up. Residents can also call the San Jose Department of Transportation dispatch at 408-794-1900.

“We are all partners in preparing for flood prevention and you, the public, please be our eyes and ears. Give us a call with any concern you have,” said Richard Santos, a Valley Water director.

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