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San Francisco Unified Assures It Has Enough Teachers to Fill All Classrooms

More than 50,000 students will start the school year in San Francisco Wednesday, despite doubts about whether or not they will have enough teachers for all of them.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Unified School District said it was about 100 short but now says that thanks to recruiting and reassigning credentialed personnel, they will have every classroom staffed for the first day of school.

“I’m excited because I can be with all my friends and teachers and all the people in school,” said Juan Cruz, a Cesar Chavez Elementary student.

For many parents and schools, the worry wasn’t about school supplies but staffing.  

“I know that the district has been scrambling for teachers, there’s been some issues there trying to fill spots,” said parent Annie Du.

The district’s solution doesn’t mean they’ve filled every vacancy. According to the district, many of those classrooms are being filled by staff who are normally in leadership and curriculum roles.

They are certified teachers who will be temporarily filling in. 

The city of San Francisco isn’t alone. Districts nationwide have reported struggling to find teachers. 

Physical therapist Kelly Cummings said she’s focused on making sure classrooms are all ready for students.

“This will be my fourth school to check into today and everyone is just like, ‘we’ll see what happens tomorrow and the rest of the week’ so, we’ll make it work,” she said.

A district spokesperson said they are still actively recruiting teachers to cover classrooms for the rest of the year.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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