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San Francisco Residents Tired of Illegal Sideshows in Their Neighborhood

Residents of a San Francisco neighborhood said they’re tired of being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of screeching tires in their intersections.

Police over the weekend once again broke up a rowdy and illegal sideshow and some city leaders now say it’s clear that certain intersections have become hotspots.

“It could be any day of the week, it could be a weekday, you know, so it’s not just weekend nights. It’s kind of anytime,” said Scott Gurly of San Francisco. 

The intersection of Harrison and Main is marked with the circular tire skids from the spinouts and neighbors there say the police response has been underwhelming.

“I think they just make sure nobody gets killed,” said Maria Crespo of San Francisco. “But it goes on and on for probably around 20 minutes.”

According to San Francisco police, no citations or arrests were made early Sunday morning nor were there any reports of injuries.

A police spokesperson said instead that investigators took notes on the plates on each car and will follow up later.

Earlier this year, SFPD traffic enforcement started impounding vehicles investigators were able to identify at these events.

But along with the danger of the Sunday morning spinout event, they also seem to attract vandals like the ones that tagged properties at the intersection.

Crews have already painted over graffiti on two other nearby walls and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency crews will also have to repaint the crosswalks.

According to the SFMTA, it costs between $300,000 and $500,000 to repair the crosswalks that are damaged by each one of these sideshow events.

Engineers also said they’re also going to begin installing new markers on streets. Markers that have traditionally been used to guide drivers in busy intersections.

It’s a strategy they’re learning from Oakland which has installed elevated traffic breaks and so-called bott’s dots in 10 different intersections.

These small additions make it more difficult for cars to do donuts and spinouts.

San  Francisco says it will start with two intersections and see how it goes.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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