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San Francisco Gears Up for Memorial Day Weekend Under New Rules

Memorial Day weekend is here and in San Francisco this year, it comes with a very blunt reminder: keep your distance.

This comes after some very troubling photos showed up online last weekend showing a huge crowd outside a Marina bar showing lots of people, no distance and very few masks.

Outside Howells Wine Bar on Chestnut Street, they’ve brightened the sign on the ground reminding people to keep a social distance and not drink outside, curbside food and drinks are to go.

“There were a lot of people out and about on Friday, definitely not all those people were our customers there were people out buying drinks from other restaurants”, said the bar’s co-owner Nate Welch.

Police say they will be around all weekend making sure people follow the rules. 

Welch says he sees both sides, but appreciates the help keeping the crowds down. 

“As the summer develops we’re going to have more people going out and people who are going to have that quarantine fatigue and realize that small businesses want to do their best but they also have to follow the rules,” said Welch.

Signs about social distancing and guidance on retail curbside pick up are almost everywhere you look.

City workers posted them in the Mission District Friday, they’ve done 38 merchant corridors.

While the mayor urged people to follow guidance at city parks or expect them to be shut down.

“As much as people want to use the parks we will be out in force regulating during Memorial Day weekend,” Mayor London Breed said.

Employees at California Wine Merchant on Chestnut have their pick up window open with hand sanitizer, masks and a plan.

“We’re looking forward to the weekend. We just want everybody to maintain sanity and mind their Ps and Qs,” said an employee.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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