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Same-day burglaries in Playa Vista leave homeowners nervous

A Playa Vista home was left in disarray after burglars ransacked it during a break-in – and police believe they may have targeted other houses.

Surveillance footage from a Ring camera captured three men near a condo on Pacific Promenade Wednesday afternoon. Seconds after they’re out of view from a camera, a loud crash can be heard from the video. The homeowner returned to find his living room window shattered.

“At first I thought my cat had broken the window and escaped, and I was terrified,” said the homeowner, who wished not to be identified out of fear for his safety. “So that was the No. 1 priority, was like, let me find the cat.”

Once he found his beloved pet in the courtyard unharmed, the homeowner rushed back in.

“I walked upstairs and I then saw all of the drawers were open, all of the stuff was taken,” he said. “You know, everything was knocked over.”

According to the victim, the burglars got away with money, jewels, purses, and other valuables. Thankfully, members in the homeowner’s community are working together to get a better understanding of the burglary.

“We’ve got ring video from the various neighbors, so everyone is sort of coming together and trying to piece together what happened in the timeline,” the homeowner said.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it got three calls reporting break-ins on Wednesday. It is unclear if they are all related.

“We’re feeling violated and nervous that all of these people are coming in and doing home invasions in the middle of the afternoon,” said Ken Dauer, who lives in the area.

As the unease continues for anxious residents, police are still searching for the culprits. No arrests have been made in connection with the burglaries.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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