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Residents in Hacienda Heights tarp homes in case of mudslides from storm

Hacienda Heights residents are taking extra precautions to protect their properties as another storm increases chances of mudslides. 

Several residents had to be evacuated after a section of hillside gave way during the last series of storms. The last storm two weeks ago not only flooded the area, but also caused mudslides. 

The city placed a tarp over a big hill to allow water flow straight into a storm drain. And most of the areas were tarped to prevent any further landslides. 

In Hacienda Heights, the fire department evacuated two homes after a mudslide went into their backyards, and into one home on Feb. 6. One of the homes is still yellow tagged. 

One resident who lives just a few houses up the street said he is not worried about mudslides because he’s planted a lot of trees.

“I was with the fire department and they said it looks like mine is good. I don’t have any issue because I have a lot of trees and I got a lot of bushes and everything. So I don’t have a sign of mudslide at all,” Manuel Quizon, a homeowner said. 

Quizon has been living in the area for 48 years and said he has never had a mudslide. Another homeowner said she did experience mudslides in the 70’s, but not since then. 

Many homeowners said they’ve had to pay to tarp and secure their properties, with no help from insurance.

Some are wondering if there will be financial assistance available from the city or county. NBC4 has reached out to the district supervisor but has not heard back.

City leaders said their main concern is heavy rains that come overnight.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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