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Registrar's office workers kept busy ahead of Super Tuesday

With Super Tuesday on the horizon, the final hours of Monday meant a flurry of last-minute activity for registrars, who were working to make sure every vote is counted and everything is ready for voting day.

In Santa Clara County, workers were scrambling at times at the registrar of voters parking lot on Berger Drive as drivers rolled in with completed ballots turned in at the 104 voting centers set up throughout the area.

There were also sporadic streams of voters driving into the same lot to drop off their ballots and others who walked into the office to hand in their ballots directly.

But for all the activity, the registrar’s office acknowledged the turnout could and maybe should be more.

“Right now we’re only at about 14%, so we need people to get out there and vote,” Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters spokesperson Evelyn Mendez said. “We’re predicting about 35 to 45%. Hopefully more, of course. We want 100%.”

The registrar’s office said the 18- to 34-year-old category is especially lagging

Source: NBC Bay Area

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