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Redwood City councilmembers consider ceasefire resolution

The war in Gaza was front and center on the Peninsula Monday as the Redwood City City Council considered a ceasefire resolution.

There had been talk that perhaps there would be a ceasefire, some even hoping it would begin early in Ramadan — a holy month on the Muslim calendar. 

But Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas must surrender or be eliminated and all hostages released before the fighting stops.

President Joe Biden told MSNBC that mister Netanyahu is hurting Israel more than helping it by continuing the fight, and an invasion of the city of Rafah would be a red line.

“You cannot have 30,000 more Palestinians dead,” said Biden.

While peace may be far off, U.S. ships are on the way to Gaza to help build a floating pier for the delivery of food, water and medicine to war weary residents.

U.S. and Jordanian air drops have provided some relief, but also killed several people when the parachutes on the crates failed to open.

City council resolutions in favor of a ceasefire have drawn criticism for having no impact whatsoever on the situation in Gaza. 

The ceasefire supporters in Redwood City say they believe it’s the least they can do for humanity and to pressure Biden to push harder for that ceasefire.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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