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Recent Earthquake Caused Changes in Santa Rosa Creeks

After the earthquake on Sept. 13 felt in the North Bay, some neighbors in Santa Rosa noticed their creek suddenly had a higher flow than usual.

Some experts believe the change may be in connection to the temblor.

A couple in the are said after the quake they noticed that branches and rocks that were dry in the creek bed behind their home were now under several inches of water.

John Macaulay and Suzanne Dickison felt the shaking and soon after saw that Mark West Creek near their home looked different than it did before.

“The creek went from looking like a pond, no discernable flow,” he said. “It looked like waves of flow and it increased dramatically in the time span of minutes right after the quake.”

Nathan Baskett, a hydrogeologist with Sonoma Water said they can see changes with gauges that are part of the alert system set up after the fires in 2017. They can also monitor rainfall rates and stream flow.

“What I’ve seen is a few hundredths of a foot so yes, inches, we’re talking inches,” he explained. “It’s very likely that the earthquake caused the stream flow to increase.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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