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Rebecca Grossman accused of illegal conduct through jailhouse calls

Rebecca Grossman, who was found guilty of the hit-and-run collision that killed two young brothers in Westlake Village, is facing more legal troubles.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office accuses the 60-year-old of illegal conduct and potential criminal conspiracies while being at the LA Twin Towers Correctional Facility since her conviction on Feb. 23.

Claiming Grossman abused her phone privileges, prosecutors have filed a motion to take away phone access and limit visitors except for her attorney.

The prosecutors also accuse Grossman’s defense team of illegally obtaining jury’s personal information to have a private investigator contact at least three jurors who indicated they were harassed and contacted without their consent.

In a 16-page filing, the DA released portions of the incriminating calls Grossman had with her daughter Alexis and husband Peter Grossman that were automatically recorded. These calls include admissions to violating court orders and conspiring to tamper with witnesses.

Here’s the timeline of her alleged misconduct:

  • Feb. 23: On the day of her conviction, Grossman allegedly told her daughter to unblock the deputy-worn body-camera video footage, which had been sealed by a judge. Her daughter replied, “I will,” and her husband said, “We’re going to put it all out.” Grossman went on to ask if they were going to appeal, her husband responded, “Yeah,” and reminded her the call was being recorded, to which Grossman said, “I don’t care. It’s all the truth.”
  • Feb. 24: Grossman told her daughter, “If we can get witnesses to come forward and say that they were told to say things, this can help with getting a new trial.” Grossman later stated, “These were the worst jurors. I knew they were bad jurors. That whole jury selection thing didn’t work for us at all.”
  • Feb. 25: Grossman told her husband, “You should call Scott Erickson and tell him to get on a video and that he needs to confess.” Her husband replied, “I know he needs to confess, but right now, I can’t even talk about the case, but that guy needs to. You’re in jail for him, and it drives me crazy.”

During the trial, prosecutors said Grossman’s then boyfriend Scott Erickson, a former professional baseball player, was racing Grossman when she hit the two boys on Triunfo Canyon Road near Saddle Mountain Drive Sep. 29, 2020. Her defense team argued Erickson hit the boys first, but prosecutors stated there was no evidence of this, and Grossman was the one person responsible for the young boys’ deaths.

The hearing for this motion is set for Friday.

According to NBCLA legal expert Royal Oakes, Grossman could face additional time behind bars if found guilty of illegal conduct. Even if she gets a new trial and the conviction reversed, she could still face felony charges for these jailhouse calls.

Grossman is facing 34 years to life in prison.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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