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Rash of destructive gas thefts hit East Bay

A rash of destructive gas thefts have been reported in the East Bay.

Thieves are puncturing gas tanks while committing the crime, which leaves drivers with no gas and a car that could take weeks to repair.

Waheed Alsaidi, who owns Montclair Auto Shop, said he has had two people come in recently with a hole poked into their gas tank.

“There is a hole in the side of the gas tank,” Alsaidi said. “And there gas tank is empty.”

Alsaidi said the fix is not just a matter of refilling the tank, but replacing it, which can range anywhere from several hundred dollars to $3,000 depending on the vehicle. It can also take weeks to find a replacement tank.

Alvin Collier of Alvin’s Automotive Recycling sells parts and said gas tanks are hard to find.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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