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Putting a Bow on It: Bay Area Shoppers Grab Last-Minute Gifts

Saturday marked the last day to wrap up any final shopping before Christmas Day.

While some stores were packed with shoppers looking to check off those last-minute items on their lists, others were quite calm.

In Walnut Creek, the frantic rush for gifts was actually not all that frantic.

Shoppers who showed up expecting the worst actually got a pleasant surprise that’s almost a Christmas present all by itself.

“Kinda mellow and relaxed this year,” Alice Jones said. “I don’t see a lot of stressed out like usual.”

For Jones, shopping on Christmas Eve is an “accidental” annual tradition.

“I realized I need a few more things,” she said. “It always happens every year.”

Some families were done with the shopping they planned to do. Others claimed the last-minute shopping wasn’t their fault.

“I’m shopping for my kids for each other,” Candice Benabou said. “They’re the ones who didn’t do their shopping. So they gave me a list. I’m here and I’m fulfilling their list for each other.”

There was at least one place where it wasn’t quiet. In San Francisco, the sounds of picketing workers echoed through Union Square for the second day in a row.

Workers were asking for more pay, health care and sick leave, as well as urging customers to stay away.

In a statement Friday, Macy’s said its top priority is the safety of workers and customers, adding the Union Square store is still open for business.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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