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Protesters in Oakland call for cease-fire resolution

Pro-Palestinian groups expressed their frustration with Oakland City Council members Tuesday claiming they’re not showing enough support for Palestine amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

“We don’t approve of all those children dying, we care about health care here; what about the health care over there?” said a public comment speaker. 

The tension even led to an abrupt recess to calm down the crowd.

“Some council members perhaps are feeling that while as private citizens they may take a position in support of a cease-fire, as elected officials they cannot because they represent their constituents,” said Yoana Tchouvelka.

She is one of the community organizers behind the proposed resolution.

It calls for a cease-fire in Gaza, but also claims Israel is commiting “acts of genocide” and is engaging in the “ethnic cleansing” of Palestianians.

The city of Richmond recently passed a controversial resolution in solidarity with Palestine, also accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing.

The Jewish Community Relations Council condemned that resolution.

A spokesperson emailed NBC Bay Area a response to the proposed resolution for Oakland saying, “We hope city leaders will see how dangerous this rhetoric is and take actions that ensure their Jewish and Islamic communities are safe and supported.”

“I personally believe that the killings must stop,” said Nikki Fortunato Bas, City Council president. She shared her personal stance on the conflict in Gaza.

She recently met with Tchouvelka and other community members regarding the proposed resolution, but says it still needs to go through a legislative process before a vote can take place.

“You have my word that I will follow up with those that I met with yesterday so that we can discus the resolution with that you wish to bring forward to the City Council,” said Fortunato Bas.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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