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Protesters Continue Fight Against Foster City's Proposed Geese Cull

Protesters in Foster City on Friday once again were set to rally against a proposed geese cull to curb an ongoing issue with the water fowl’s waste, and they have the backing of a top county official.

The continuing geese feces problem poses a health risk to humans, the city says, and the lethal removal would affect about 100 geese. But opponents say that number is too high.

The Canada geese population in Foster City has doubled in recent years to more than 300. During the last protest in July, people on both sides of the debate spoke out. One man says the problem has become so bad that human safety should be considered.

But others say lethally removing the birds is inhumane. San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa is one of those voices against the cull, and he is expected to lead the protest Friday.

In a recent tweet he said: “I disagree with FC’s plan to get rid of the goose population. It’s inhumane and does not solve any problem. The geese are a countrywide problem and I stand against any plan to kill them.”

In a video message posted by Foster City Councilmember Sanjay Gehani in Thursday, he said culling the geese is only one solution the council is entertaining.

“Be assured we are not considering eradication nor extermination. But the lethal method is part of a multifaceted plan to control the Canada goose population, which has doubled in Foster City in recent years and is projected to double again in the next few years,” Gehani says in the video post.

Other options the council is exploring, Gehani says, are robot technology and landscape modifications to make the city less attractive to the geese.

Meanwhile, he urged the public to leave the birds alone, do not feed them and throw away or recycle trash to avoid attracting them.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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