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Prop 26 vs. Prop 27: Sports Betting Measures on November Ballot in California

There’s lots of interest on sports betting and soon, voters will decide how people in California can bet on it.

Dueling propositions, 26 and 27, are on the November ballot and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

At the San Francisco Athletic Club Wednesday night, Craig Waver was enjoying a night with friends and watching a tennis match on TV.

Waver told NBC Bay Area that he likes Prop 27, which would legalize mobile and online sports betting from anywhere in California. But he did have a concern about the proposition.

“But then again, that leads to a lot of issues with losing money, I guess for me in particular and I guess for everybody,” Waver said.

Meanwhile, Prop 26 is supported by most Indian tribes. It would make sports betting legal at their casinos and at four private racetracks in California. It would also allow roulette and dice at the casinos.

“[Proposition] 26 is really a boom for tribal sovereignty. They will be in charge of their own destiny so to speak, when it comes to gaming. Proposition 27 is going to be run by the tribes, in conjunction with Las Vegas interests and other national gambling companies,” said NBC Bay Area Political Analyst Larry Gerston.

With billions of dollars in sports gambling revenues on the line, the advertising spending has already set the record for the most expensive propositions in state history.

“Being able to do it from your mobile device would be definitely the thing I would use the most. For sure,” said San Francisco resident Logan Prestan.

Gerston said there’s another issue to consider when Californians are casting their vote this November.

“Proposition 26 does not provide a lot of money to the state. Proposition 27 does provide several hundred million dollars, much of it would be used for homelessness,” he said.

Gerston added it’s possible that both measures could be approved by voters. If that happens, the winner will be the one that receives the most votes.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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