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Production of Solar, Wind Power in the US Increased in 2022: Report

Renewable energy production in the U.S. saw a significant jump last year, with California and Texas leading the way in solar and wind power, according to a new report from Climate Central.

California produced the most solar energy in 2022, powering more than 5.5 million homes, a 10% increase from 2021. Texas produced the most wind energy last year, allowing it to power more than 12 million homes.

Renewable energy sources such as solar power not only provide electricity without making carbon pollution, they also do so without harming public health.

Solar and wind generation depend on the weather and sunlight hours: Solar energy peaks in the summer, while wind peaks in spring and fall.

The report says the electricity generated from solar and wind in 2022 was enough to power the equivalent of 64 million average households. For reference, the U.S. Census says there are 124 million households in the nation.

The data suggests that the U.S. is able to produce electricity from sunlight and wind to support our nation, and meet national and global sustainability goals.

The report says many other states produced some renewable energy as well, even if those contributions were smaller.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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