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President Biden met with thousands of protesters at DNC fundraiser in San Francisco

The APEC summit 2023 rolled on Tuesday night with President Joe Biden in town, receiving two totally different receptions. 

There was a warm one from Democrats at a fundraiser in San Francisco,  and the other, a couple thousand people loudly protesting the way the president is handling the Israel-Hamas war. 

Thousands gathered demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, at time climbing light poles while police in riot gear looked on.

Before protesters got there, two motorcades came down California Street, one escorting the president, the other Vice President Kamala Harris, to the fundraiser. 

Inside, Gov. Gavin Newsom spoke about Biden’s accomplishments, Harris spoke about women’s rights and the president pointed remarks about Donald Trump.

Biden faced poll numbers showing most voters think he’s too old to run again next year. 

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown weighed in on that as he entered the event.

“He is the first candidate for public office that I know about that is suffering from an issue that he’s got nothing to do with except staying alive – age!” he said.

Judy Marcus of Los Altos Hills and John Gordon of Oakland were at the fundraiser and heard Biden speak.

“Talking about all the wonderful things the Democrats have done in this administration, and hopefully we will move ahead in the next election,” said Marcus.

“The challenge for democracy in this election, and what we need to do for the next 11 months. The contrast between Trump and MAGA,” said Gordon.

It’s unclear if the demonstration played a role in the president’s departure from the event, but the motorcade did not go back to the Fairmont via California Street, the way it came down.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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