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Police Warn Residents of Increase in Car Break-Ins in San Jose

There has been a lot of focus on car break-ins in San Francisco. but it isn’t the other Bay Area city experiencing this.

The car burglars are also increasingly targeting cars in San Jose.

With break-ins on the rise here, police officers say the best advice is some of the most common be extra vigilant when you park and shop.

You don’t have to search all that far before you find evidence of the problem at Brokaw Road shopping center.

This area has seen a surge in the number of car break-ins lately.

Kyong Kim comes to the area every day to get her coffee.

“Just seeing the glass on the ground, I don’t know when it’s happening, maybe overnight? Some cars are here at nighttime,” Kim said.

San Jose police said it doesn’t have the exact number of break-ins.

But we did see police vehicles patrolling the area and the most recent data shows car break-ins here in San Jose jumped by more than 30% in the last half of 2020.

“So, there was a lady here yesterday who had her car broken into and her laptop stolen. So, she had the glass guy working real quick,” said San Jose resident Andre Deocampo.

Police said that with more people targeting cars around the holiday shopping season, It’s extra important to clear everything out before you walk away from your parked car.

“Well, I’ve seen some broken windows around the parking lot, quite a bit lately, all of the sudden there’s a big increase,” said Mike Kirrene.

Police recommend residents in the area to not leave any packages, purses or anything else in their car that could lure a thief.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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