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Police think 2 women who robbed Riverside home may be part of network of thieves in SoCal

Police believe two women who were caught on camera robbing a Riverside home may be connected to a network of thieves targeting homes and businesses across Southern California. 

The owner of Santi’s Fountains, Christopher Ocampo, interacted with the women on Sept. 23. They wanted to look at custom tables in the back of the property, but investigators say this was an excuse to distract Ocampo. 

Ocampo said the women arrived in a group inside a can. “They had the head dressing, they had long dresses, and they said that they were Russian, but they spoke really good Spanish,” he recalled.

While two women distracted Ocampo, another two broke into a home through a screen window. The home belongs to Jose Guzman, who during the crime was attending church with his family. 

The women, according to Guzman, stole pieces of jewelry and a special birthday gift for his daughter.

Riverside Police Department Officer Ryan Railsback said the women may be part of a network of thieves responsible for breaking into a Riverside Buddhist temple in January, as well as another burglary case at Gone Straw Farms last year. 

“We’ve had some tips come in where people have mentioned something might have happened in Orange County, Anaheim and Corona,” Railsback said, adding that Riverside police will be in touch with other law enforcement agencies to see if they’re all dealing with the same group.

He advised people to remain vigilant. 

“f you see several of them together, kind of looking around like they’re checking out your place for other reasons, just be very careful and keep an eye on them,” Railsback said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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