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Police are Searching for the Individuals Involved in Carjacking an Amazon Truck

Police in Fontana are still searching for a group of gunmen who held up an Amazon truck driver Monday.

They are not sure how many were involved but even after the incident some of the packages are still on their way.

The driver of an Amazon truck says he was on his delivery route when he was carjacked at gunpoint. He says the gunmen took his load of Amazon packages and then took off.

What they didn’t know is that the truck has a tracking device inside and the owner of the van was hot on their trail.

“We tracked the van to a field,” said Jay the van owner. “As I ran up he shot at me and I started running back to my car.”

Jay says he ducked but then he stopped long enough to take some photos. He says they show the individuals opening some of the Amazon boxes.

When police arrived the individuals scattered. One of them hopped in the van and drove away leaving a trail of empty boxes behind.

There was a brief pursuit and a mile and half later the Amazon truck crashed slamming into a sidewalk utility box. The single individual was captured a taken by ambulance to a hospital.

Justin Holman is part owner of the van. He says the drivers are trained to back away in cases like this.

“This is the second vehicle stolen in the past three months,” Holman said. “Especially this time of year everybody wants to  find something.”

The driver clearly shaken says he’s not delivering anything with a big dollar sign attached to it more likely diapers or motor oil.

“I’m not going to be terrified by it but if anything happens to somebody let them have what they’re going to take,” said Michael a driver. “Not worth losing life over invaluable stuff.”

A sentiment echoed by the van’s owner.

As for the packages, probably best to check your Amazon app to see if your delivery is delayed.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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