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Pinole to temporarily ban new gas stations to address climate change

The city of Pinole is temporarily banning new gas stations in an effort to cut down gas emissions

There are similar bans in other parts of the Bay Area as cities look for ways to reduce emissions and as California plans to ban new gas-powered cars by 2035.

The new gas stations ban is catching the attention of Pinole residents like Marcus Maxwell, who feels a bit torn about the idea but he said that he understands why it’s happening.

“We are going towards a lot of electric vehicles, right?” he said.

The Pinole City Council recently voted unanimously to pass a temporary ordinance, banning the building of new gas stations.

“Really, just make sure we as a community, welcoming EV charging and welcoming hydrogen hubs,” said Pinole vice mayor Cameron Sasai.

Pinole is the first East Bay city to enact such a ban. But not everyone is on board with the ban.

The Western States Petroleum Association released the following statement:

“Good climate policy would not force people to drive further for the fuel they need. Gas stations bans are effective at only one thing — limiting supplies of fuels to consumers. When government policy limits supplies of fuels, costs usually go up.”

The association cites a working study out of UC Berkeley, focusing on more than a thousand gas stations in Mexico, showing a 6% reduction in gas prices, when stations are three minutes apart.

Pinole’s temporary ban on new gas stations expires in 45 days. But the city can renew the ordinance for up to two years before voting on a permanent ban down the road.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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