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Picture Perfect LA: Photographers Say Snapping Pictures of Snowcapped Mountains is Nourishing for the Soul

It’s not just people with cellphones shooting selfies: the photographers behind the snowy Los Angeles landscape images at Kenneth Hahn State Park say the sight is nourishing for the soul.

The folks you’ll find at locations like Kenneth Hahn State Park may not be professionals, but they’re not strictly amateurs, either.

“We don’t get snow like this, ever,” said Kim Lowe.

The park is located in the Baldwin Hills are for a view of LA’s varied landscape with the rugged mountains in the background, high-rise buildings in downtown Los Angeles and a row of palm trees closer to the overlook. Managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, the park has five miles of trails that also offer sweeping views.

Snow has happened before, but it’s so rare in our drought-stricken era, that shutterbugs like Lowe almost can’t help themselves. She’s hoping the haze clears soon, and the snow stays put.

The strong storm brought several feet of snow to Southern California’s mountains last week and into the weekend.

“There’s something very special about being here. It’s nourishing for the soul,” said Jim Everett, amateur photographer.

The park is just one of the photography favorites listed on social media. Places scattered throughout the region where you can see notable LA landmarks in the foreground include the Hollywood Sign, for instance, or the skyline.

“Downtown, with Mount San Antonio or Mount Baldy behind it. With all the snow that’s just fallen,” Everett said.

The last few days, people like Lowe and Everett have been hauling their tripods, Nikons, Canons and Sonys to overlooks and high points all around the county hoping to capture that perfect shot.

On Friday the view was kind of hazy, and the mountains weren’t quite as clear as they were a couple of days ago.

But die-hard photographers won’t let that discourage them.

They’ll be back because eventually, it will clear up.

A view of the Hollywood sign Feb. 26, 2023 with snowy mountains in the background.
A view of the Hollywood sign Feb. 26, 2023 with snowy mountains in the background.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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