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People Are Still Trying to Replicate the ‘Flying Tesla' Stunt in Echo Park

Remember the viral video showing a Tesla flying down a steep hill in Echo Park, narrowly missing homes and sleeping residents?

Residents say dangerous copycat stunts are happening, on average, every other week.

India Lawrence’s house on Baxter Street is about halfway down the hill from Alvarado.

A new video making the rounds on social media shows two motorcycles flying through the air and landing yards from her front door, her roof and yard.

“If a car goes into our house, we’re really in the line of fire,” she said.

And it’s not just her — a dozen or more of her neighbors at the bottom of the hill are in the “line of fire” as well.

She and other residents have counted at least four or five jumps in just the past two months, featuring both motorcycles and vehicles.

That’s tons of metal flying through the air completely out of control.

“It’s kind of unreal that no one’s gotten hurt yet,” she said.

The stunts started happening more routinely after video of a Tesla flying above a group of people’s heads late at night started going viral.

The Tesla goes airborne after speeding the wrong way up the other side of the hill.

At the end of the clip, the high-end car can be seen in a crumpled heap after slamming into a couple of parked cars along the way.

The driver fled the scene, and, to date, no one has been arrested.

Skid marks and divots in the concrete can be seen where motorcycles and cars have bounced after landing.

“If you happen to be walking around the corner…Oh, man. That could be really dangerous. Deadly,” resident Dani Bonne said.

The problem has gotten so bad now that residents have been in talks with councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s office and the LAPD to come up with solutions.

One idea was to block off access at the top of the hill with concrete barriers, or add speed bumps.

Residents hope something gets done before an innocent person gets hurt.

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