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Pasadena Fire Department Hosts Their First Ever Girls Camp

The Pasadena Fire Department is hosting their first ever girls camp, directed by an all-female firefighter crew. 

The purpose of the camp is to teach young girls the skills they will need. But aside from teaching, the camp is meant to inspire young girls and remind them that there is a career for them in the fire department.  

The Pasadena Fire Department put on a training for a group of high school girls to give them an opportunity of becoming a firefighter for a day. 

Katherine Hidalgo, a high school junior, said her dream is to become a firefighter. 

“It is pretty amazing. This is a great opportunity for all the girls and I am super excited,” Hidalgo said. 

During the one day training event, Hidalgo and the other 29 high schoolers learned how to throw ladders, charge a hose line as a team and the most important lesson: timing. 

The firefighters who put on this training loved this opportunity because they know it’s important to pass on these lessons.

Captain Marisol Rodriguez, of the Ventura County Fire, mentioned how she would not have known this was a career option for her if it wasn’t for the female firefighter who walked into her training division. 

“A female firefighter walked into our training division my eyes opened wide and I thought, ‘this is what I want to do for my life,’” Rodriguez said. “Had I not seen her I never would have thought it was an option for me.”

Rodriguez hopes that this camp will inspire other young girls to make their dreams a reality.

“Women can do anything if you put your mind and heart to it, you can accomplish anything,” Rodriguez said.  

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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