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Pacifica businesses say foot traffic has dropped off after storms and pier closure

Some Pacifica businesses say they’re seeing a drop in foot traffic in the aftermath of recent storms and the temporary closure of the city’s pier. 

“In the beginning it was fine, it was exciting,” said Ginger Davis of the Chit Chat Café. “The large waves brought people here, tourists, locals.”

Then Davis noticed a change at her café near the Pacifica Pier. 

“After a while the waves died down and the pier closure lasted a bit longer,” Davis said. “It’s really started to hit us. … Our business is down about 50% at this location. It’s just — the foot traffic isn’t here. The rain doesn’t help either.”

It was sunny on Sunday, but more rain was forecasted in the coming days. The pier was closed last month due to storm-related damage. Lately, the spot that drew in tourists and fisherman is seeing a slowdown. 

“January is typically a slow time from what we have heard of the previous owners as well as the other local business owners in the neighborhood, but this one seems particularly slow,” Davis said. 

They do have regulars who support them rain or shine, but this isn’t what they expected. 

“On this block I have seen at least 30% drop off,” said Margaret Coles-Wesley of Shampa’s Pies. 

Over on Palmetto Avenue, some other businesses also said they were seeing a difference. 

“We really do need those people who are coming in from all over the Bay Area to enjoy Pacifica,” Coles-Wesley said. “We really need that traffic.”

While locals and regulars are doing their part, some businesses are working together on promotions to draw more visitors in. 

“This isn’t a huge district. And so, among the shopkeepers, someone is always trying to plan something. So there are a number of events coming up,” Coles-Wesley said. 

The pier will be closed until Feb. 14, according to the city, at which point it may be partially reopened. However, engineering teams are still surveying the damage. The city said that work won’t be completed until March.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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