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Oakland Proposal Cracking Down on Sideshow Organizers Advances

An Oakland public safety committee late Tuesday advanced a proposed ordinance that would impose fines and jail time on illegal sideshow organizers and promoters.

The resolution, now headed to the full City Council, calls for a $1,000 fine and potential jail time for those who facilitate the illegal activities.

The crackdown comes as the illegal sideshows have become a weekly issue across the city, particularly in East Oakland, where streets and sometimes highways are taken over by such events.

The financial impact also is significant: Oakland’s Department of Transportation estimates damages to an intersection from a typical sideshow averages $16,000 to repair, and the police department budgets nearly $2 million a year for sideshow response.

The City Council will discuss the ordinance next week and is expected to vote on it the following week.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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