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Oakland City Council President Condemns Killing of Asian Woman

Oakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas released a statement Sunday evening calling for justice for an elderly Asian woman who was shot and killed Sunday afternoon in Oakland during a robbery attempt.

The killing occurred near Fifth Avenue and East 11th Street.

“I am outraged and sickened over the senseless, brutal slaying of an elderly AAPI woman in broad daylight this afternoon in Oakland’s Little Saigon,” Bas said. “There was an attempted robbery in the middle of the afternoon, she was shot and killed.”

“People who perpetrate these violent crimes must be held accountable and brought to justice,” Bas said. “What does it say about our community when we cannot walk down our own street, visit a neighbor, or enjoy a picnic on the lake on a Sunday afternoon? We can and must do better. NO ONE should presume they can come into Oakland at any time and commit a violent crime without repercussions.”

Bas said she was “sending love, condolences and support to the family of this victim. Please know that we share your grief, shock and loss and will do whatever it takes to identify those responsible to achieve justice for your family.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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