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Notable Bay Area Sisters Turned into Barbie Dolls

Mattel is honoring trailblazing women in STEM by turning some into Barbie dolls for International Women’s Day. The list of Barbie Dolls-to-be includes three notable Bay Area sisters, the Wojcickis.

Before stepping down last month, Susan Wojcicki was the longtime CEO of YouTube. Even before taking on that role in 2014, Susan had already cemented her place in the history of Silicon Valley: Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in her garage in 1998. She joined the company a year later and would be an advocate for the company’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006.

Anne Wojcicki helped bring genetic sequencing to the average person with 23andMe, where she serves as CEO. Anne was also one of the company’s three co-founders.

And Janet Wojcicki is an Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. She obtained her PhD in Anthropology and African Studies at UCLA, then completed a Master of Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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