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North Bay residents hit with powerful wind as storm moves through the Bay Area

Wind has been the biggest weather issue in the North Bay, but there has been rain too – particularly a powerful, but short, burst earlier Monday afternoon.

In and around Santa Rosa, the sun has managed to peak through the clouds for most of the day. But an afternoon burst of rain did cause plenty of cars on the roads and freeways to slow down for a while.

Anna, who lives in Sonoma County, said she could feel her car getting buffeted by the wind while she was on the freeway, but wasn’t too worried.

She said that when you live in California, you get used to all kinds of weather.

But, there have been some spin-outs that looked concerning.

“I saw a Tesla that had de-railed, I think it only had one wheel left. It was, it was really bad,” said Cynthia Linhares of Santa Rosa. “It slowed down traffic and it was pouring so hard.”  

That spinout was near Petaluma, there have been no reports of serious injuries because of traffic incidents so far.

A little further north in Windsor, some of the rural roads were closed for parts of the day because of flooding.

But those are mostly local access roads where most people in those areas know — this happens from time to time.

A lot of that road flooding, and the local creeks, which look like they’re near crest stages because of runoff from the last couple days of rains out here.

Still, people who know the area well, welcome the rain.

“Especially where we are. We have well water, so we pray for the rain,” said Kathleen Nemetz, who was visiting Sonoma County.

In Rohnert Park, there have been a couple areas without power because of the storms.

But PG&E crews have already restored power to one of them and are currently working on the second one.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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