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Non-profit religious group hangs ceasefire banner in Sunnyvale

A Muslim non-profit religious group is calling attention to what it calls the indiscriminate bombing happening in Gaza, Palestine.

The organization, The Muslim Community Association is located in Sunnyvale. It has been hanging a banner near its worship center on the Fair Oaks overpass along the 101 highway.

The banner read: “Stop bombing Gaza kids ceasefire now.”

Ismail Breiwish, a member of MCA, said the group has hung the banner for three days now in hopes of spreading its message of peace.

“Thousands of people have died, over 20,000 at this point. We want to basically spread the message that this needs to stop immediately, that we need a ceasefire and that we need to get to the table and begin to discuss steps to peace and making sure that we have lasting peace.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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