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No Charges Filed Against Former Danville Police Officer in Shooting Death of Mentally Ill Man

The Contra Costa County District Attorney officially announced Friday that no charges will be filed against the former Danville police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill man last year.

While DA Diana Becton said she doesn’t condone the officers actions, they just don’t have enough to pursue criminal charges in the shooting of Tyrell WIlson.

“I announce today that the Contra Costa DA‘s office will not file criminal charges against deputy Andrew Hall,” she said.

Becton released a 43-page report that detailed the findings of three use of force experts, two concluded that Hall acted lawfully and in self defense when he shot Tyrell in the head as the mentally ill man walked toward him with a knife, refusing to drop it.

While another expert concluded lethal force was not necessary.

“Due to the fact a jury could drawn to reasonable conclusions regarding whether or not Deputy Hall is guilty of a crime there’s insufficient evidence to unanimously prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Deputy Hall is criminally liable for his actions in the death of Tyrell Wilson,” said Becton.

Tyrell’s father, Marvin Wildon, said the decision is hard to swallow.

“I wish they would have filed and let a jury decide of his peers,” he said. “If he was guilty or not guilty that’s what I’d prefer from my heart.”

Hall was responding to a report of somebody throwing rocks when he approached Tyrell. He said the situation should have been deescalated.

“There were other courses or reactions this officer could’ve took other than to directly go to deadly force,” said Marvin.

Hall is serving prison time in the fatal shooting of another man in 2018 during a slow speed chase.

His attorney Michael Rains believes Becton made the right decision not to charge him in this case.

“I don’t think the law has ever gotten to the point and I hope it never does that police officers are expected to feel the pain of a knife been inserted into their body before they can fire their weapon,” said Rains.

Some are now calling on the state attorney general to review the case saying Hall should be held accountable for what they believe was a needless shooting.

“Tyrell lived in my neighborhood, was a quiet guy. I never felt threatened by him,” said Danville resident Karen Beck. “He lived in my neighborhood. I saw him all the time. It’s hard to believe he’s dead, he just wanted to be left alone”.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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