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Need help to pay rent? Here are some resources if you live in LA

Los Angeles residents might see a rent increase next year when some pandemic-era limits expire on Jan. 31, 2024.

After a lengthy discussion, the City Council approved Tuesday limiting rent increases on rent-stabilized units to 4%, or up to 6% if landlords cover gas and electric costs.

Council members voted 10-2 to move forward on the proposal, meant to limit anticipated rent hikes for properties that are subject to the city’s rent-control law.

As part of the plan, the council instructed the Housing Department, in consultation with the United to House LA Citizens Oversight Committee, to develop programs assisting landlords and tenants, as well as for small housing providers, for the maintenance and preservation of rent-controlled units.

According to the City of Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD), about 60% of the city’s residents live in rented units, but the coronavirus pandemic and high cost of living created economic difficulties that families have tried to navigate.

There are government agencies and other institutions that can provide various types of help and guidance. These are some of them.

LA Housing Department

The LAHD website has a list with rent-related information for both tenants and owners who rent their houses or apartments.

On the LAHD website, there is a section of frequently asked questions related to areas with rent control restrictions, how to file a complaint, what to do if you are facing eviction, and what to do to request repairs to your house if the current conditions can affect your health or safety. You can also call 1-866-557-7368 to ask for advice.

Stay Housed LA

There are also several tenant rights organizations that are fighting to provide attorneys and, in some eligible cases, offer free legal services. For advice and possible representation you can visit

Housing Is Key

Likewise, at the state level, the Housing Is Key portal provides information on tenant rights, how to obtain legal assistance and other frequently asked questions related to rent delays due to the pandemic.

LA County

Another option you can explore is the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative which “provides people with short-term rentals and legal assistance to maintain their housing or find new housing to avoid entering the housing system.” Visit the website here for more information.

For elderly people there is also an agency that provides assistance “when certain criteria such as major financial crises, court eviction hearing notices, and lack of family or supportive resources are met.” Visit the website here for more information.

The Los Angeles County Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA) also offers various resources for people who need guidance finding help in the city.

The office provides assistance connecting immigrants with other resources throughout the county such as:

  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes and Foreclosure Prevention
  • Food security and nutrition
  • Legal representation of immigration and public charge issues
  • Medical and mental health care
  • Wage disputes and support for small businesses

If you need more information you can follow the OIA page on Facebook or call 1-800-593-8222.

To see the nearest location you can visit the Los Angeles County website here on this map.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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