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Mountain lion spotted lurking in Woodland Hills homeowner's tree

A homeowner in Woodland Hills got a visit from an unusual guest on Thursday afternoon after a mountain lion was spotted lurking in her backyard.

“I thought I was the only cougar in this house,” said Woodland Hills resident Corrina Bubenheim.

Bubenheim said she was getting home from work when her two German shepherds began excessively barking at the avocado tree on the property.

“I thought come on guys, just stop it,” said Bubenheim. “I looked up and thought, ‘It’s a possum, maybe? Then I saw the big paws and its fur.”

Bubenheim quickly realized it was a mountain lion on the tree and promptly contacted the fire department for assistance, who then advised her to reach out to local animal shelters.

“They [fire department] told us to call the shelter… I wondered ‘Do the shelters really pick up mountain lions?” said Bubenheim.

Animal Services arrived at the property but were unsuccessful in catching the predator. Instead, they went door to door, warning neighbors to keep pets inside.

The National Wildlife Federation said it appears to be a young uncollared mountain lion.

Bubenheim believes the reason for her surprise guest was the chicken coup in her backyard.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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