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More than 100 Voting Centers Open for Early Voting in LA County

Election day is more than a week away, but dozens of voting centers in Los Angeles County have opened early.

The Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Culver City saw a handful of voters casting their ballot early.

“I just want to use my power, I want to vote, I want the right people to be in office, I want all the right amendments to be passed,” said Melanie Fitleberg, an early voter.

Fitleberg became an American citizen just last year and says casting her ballot is always an exciting.

“It’s actually my second- or third-time voting, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still fresh and new it’s like the first time,” said Fitleberg.

One hundred and eighteen voting centers opened across Los Angeles County today, their hours are 10 a.m. – 7p.m. providing people plenty of time to vote. On November 5, a total of 640 voting centers will be opened to the public. Residents can visit any voting center regardless of their place of residence and of course, there is always the option to mail in your ballot.

“I think every election is important,” said Andrew Durbin, early voter.

Durbin wanted to vote in person, so his 16-year-old son could witness it.

“When I drove by it, I was happy it was in my neighborhood and I brought my son with me because I think it’s important for him to understand the democratic process, so I am trying to pass that on to my child,” said Durbin.

The experience resonated with the teen.

“It was nice just sitting here in this huge room and just watching him being able to vote and I am going to be able to vote in the future and it’s good to see how easy it is and how quick it is as well,” said Clifford Durbin, Andrew’s son.

Those voting today said they hope more people get out and cast their ballot and realize how important it is to do so.

“Just think about all the other people around the world who are not allowed to vote, or can’t vote or their vote doesn’t mean anything. 

“Get out and vote exercise your right, you have to it’s your civil duty, you have to vote, you definitely have to vote.”

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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