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Memorial marks 3 years since deadly San Francisco attack on ‘Grandpa Vicha'

A memorial was held in honor of Vicha Ratanapakdee in San Francisco Sunday, marking three years since the elderly man was attacked and killed near his home. 

The 84-year-old known as Grandpa Vicha was on a walk near his Anza Vista home on Jan. 28, 20221, when he was pushed to the ground. Ratanapakdee died from his injuries two days later. 

The incident, caught on camera, became the impetus for the Stop Asian Hate movement during the pandemic. 

In addition to remembering Ratanapakdee, the event also remembered Fremont resident Michelle Go. Go died in 2022 after being pushed in front of a New York subway train. 

Activist Helen Zia said that it was important to recognize how they could have been anyone’s grandfather, sister or daughter. 

“We’re here to do more than remember these incredible people,” Zia said. “We’re here to recall their humanity, that they were real people as part of our communities. And for Asian-Americans, usually, people don’t even remember the single name of an Asian-American ever in American history, let alone people who have been with us and then attacked.”

The trial for the man charged in Ratanapakdee has been subject to delays. His family and friends say they continue to fight for justice.

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