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May Day Rallies Held in the Bay Area

Labor groups came together for a May Day march and rally in San Francisco Sunday. They supported expanding workers’ rights and highlighted their role looking ahead.

The group marched up Market Street in San Francisco as Bay Area labor groups carried signs, banners and their own messages.

“For us, its healthcare, better wages, to be protected at work, to feel safe at work,” said Lealani Manuta.

The May Day march and rally brought out union workers supporting a movement.

“We’re here together with the entire labor movement. Today is International Workers Day, May Day. We’re here marching in solidarity with the labor movement, working people in San Francisco and all over this world,” said Anand Singh of San Francisco.

Some people talked about rising economic inequality during the pandemic.

“That’s really clear in this day and age that those who have wealth, continue to get wealth. Those of us that are the backbones of these organizations, companies, corporations get very little,” Manuta said.

There was a message about empowering workers through the recovery, supporting educators and others and continuing to show that workers are unified.

“Our message is there is power in the union and our unions when we stand up, we fight together, we fight for contracts. We win things like healthcare. We win respect and voice on the job,” said Singh.

People also gathered in San Jose’s Roosevelt Park Sunday to rally for workers’ rights and immigration reform.

They marched from the park to city hall to make their voices heard.

Organizers said the May Day marches and rallies have become more common in the U.S. over the past 15 years.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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