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Marsh Fire Continues to Burn Underground in Contra Costa County

A fire that sparked back in June in Contra Costa County is smoldering again.

Firefighters doused most of the Marsh Fire, which burned 159 acres over the summer, but an area by Willow Pass Road and the Delta near the marsh itself proved more difficult.

County officials are now monitoring air quality as they discovered the fire is still burning underground in naturally occurring peat soils.

The fire district has asked the owner of that property to step up efforts to put it out, and said the owner has hired a private water tender to help.

“But it’s only smoldering, so it’s not a great volume of smoke,” said Ralph Borrmann with the Bay Area Air District.

Air quality in Pittsburg is in the “good” zone for now, the district said.

“But depending on where you are, some of that smoldering smoke could reach you depending on which way the winds blow,” Borrmann explained.

County officials tweeted they are monitoring air quality in Pittsburg Baypoint and said its in the acceptable range as of last reading.

The air district said if you do smell smoke from the Marsh Fire or any other fire, you’re probably being impacted.

“The best thing to do would be to go indoors, close the windows and doors,” he said. “If you’re still feeling some sort of health impact, contact your health provided or get out of the area.”

Contra Costa County Fire said when it comes to the ongoing smoldering, what they really need to help them out is rain.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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