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Marin County to Lift Mask Mandate

Marin County is leading the way when it comes to ditching your mask.

On Monday, the county will stop requiring indoor mask wearing in almost all public spaces.

“It’s nice to have people able to see each other smile again. I think it’s time,” said Marin County resident Wendy Loder.

“I prefer not to have it on. I don’t mind it if it’s required. It’s not that big of a deal,” said Harold Hedelman.

Marin County health officials announced Friday that the county hit several milestones, which will allow people very soon to walk around in many indoor spaces without a face covering.

“We have 80% of our population and that’s people of all ages vaccinated and our hospitalizations are low,” said Marin County Public Health officer Dr. Matt Willis.

This means is the mask mandate will be lifted for vaccinated people who walk into a grocery store, drink at a bar and worship inside a church.

That is far more options compared to other Bay Area counties, which have only relaxed mask rules in certain settings.

If taking off your masks aren’t your thing, don’t worry. They are not going away for good. Some businesses can still require you to wear one.

If you’re unvaccinated? State mandates are still in place. Your face must remain covered.

Sophie Loder told NBC Bay Area that she will continue to wear a mask.

“Most of my age group is vaccinated,” she said. “I know some people who are not vaccinated and I don’t want to run the risk of spreading it.”

Marin County is still recommending people to cover their faces. They added that it’s just going to be OK if you don’t.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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