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Many Bay Area Residents Travel to Their Destinations Ahead of Thanksgiving

There will be stories of troubled travel and family reunion fanfare as we enter this Thanksgiving weekend.

AAA said that 55 million people will travel one way or another nationwide.

A number of Americans traveling is just about back to pre-pandemic levels, so maybe people are giving thanks for normalcy this thanksgiving

At SFO Wednesday night, it was packed as many people were flying to their destinations.

At a nearby gas station, San Francisco native Timmy Yu and his family gassing up for the last leg of their 300-mile journey from their home in LA to family and friends in the city.

“Pretty smooth so far. I think most people avoided the road, so expect a long drive, but never really hit traffic, nobody got into an accident, and I made it here in one piece,” said Yu.

For those traveling Thursday or Friday, AAA said the best times would be before 11 a.m. or after about 6 p.m.

Terry McSweeney has the full story in the video above.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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