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Man gets stuck hanging upside down after leading police chase in LA area

A man suspected of stealing a car got stuck upside down while trying to exit through the driver’s side window after leading a police chase in the Los Angeles area that ended when a civilian pickup truck boxed him in.

The chase began shortly before 3 p.m. and ended around 4:20 p.m. The man evaded police on the 10 Freeway – a red, green and yellow flag sticking out from the sunroof – before exiting onto Crenshaw Boulevard, where at times he reached speeds exceeding 80 mph as he weaved in and out of traffic.

Eventually, he could weave no more as he entered a highly congested area near Crenshaw Boulevard and Charles Place. That’s where a man in a pickup truck boxed him in from the front as a police cruiser closed in from the back.

As police officers pointed guns at him, the man stuck his hands out the driver’s side window. He then tried to climb out but apparently got stuck, with his legs still inside the car.

After about three minutes of wiggling around, the man freed his legs, did a forward roll onto the ground, flipped onto his stomach and waited for several officers to move in and arrest him.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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